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Northland buskers will need to apply for permits

By Dean Nathan
  • Northland

In Northland, buskers will now need to apply for permit to sing on the streets of Whangarei. 

That’s under a new by-law that’s come into play this month after strong lobbying from the business fraternity.    

This may be his bread and butter but Little-John Makoare supports the new by-law requiring buskers to have permit.

The Whangarei District Council says the bylaw is not a criticism of buskers but more a support for businesses.

Billie Te Paa has been busking on Whangarei streets for the past twenty years and is not openly supportive of a bylaw that now requires her to seek the support of three local businesses if she intends to busk for more than three hours a week.

Businesses in the city will now determine who will be permitted to sing on Whangarei streets in the future.