Topic: Earthquake

'No power, no water and no access' in Oaro - Solomon

By Aroha Mane , Online News - Rereātea
  • South Island

The small community of Oaro just 15 kilometers south of Kaikoura have been cut off and have no access via roads. Ngaī Tahu Chairman Sir Mark Solomon says like Kaikouroa they will be working to help the people of Oaro.

“They have no power, no water and no access,” says Solomon.

Some roads in Oaru have lifted over a metre during the earthquake, and both the Oaro bridge and overbridge are damaged.

Solomon made contact with familes in the area via Facebook and mobile. He’s also notified police that some elderly may need to be evacuated from the area.

“One of them I know is quite unwell and they'll be going in to check on them sometime today.”

With the support of Civil Defence, Ngāi Tahu will continue to support the Oaru community.

“This is about our community, look after yourself, look after your family and look after your neighbours.”

Approximately 200 Māori live in this region and Ngāi Tahu are also working on post-earthquake support by prioritising getting families back into their homes.