Ngāti Kahu extend rāhui at Cable Bay

By Te Kāea
  • Northland

Ngāti Kahu Kaumatua have extended the rāhui  at Cable Bay from Mangonui to Taipa for a month after the suspected drowning of a diver in the area who has still not been located.

The 25 year old diver went missing over a week ago and while rescue staff  have found diving gloves and his diving bag he is yet to be located.

According to a statement issued by Te Rūnanga ā Iwi o Ngāti Kahu, the tikanga if the body is found is a rāhui for two weeks, however given a week has passed a month long rāhui has been established.

The Rūnanga also outlined that while local hapū reported most people were respecting the rāhui  and the reasons behind it they had also reported people choosing not to respect it and continue fishing in the area.

The statement issued by Rūnanga Chief Executive Anahera Herbert-Graves outlined this was a “total lack of respect for the tikanga of Ngāti Kahu and for the tapu of the drowned man which might have been overcome by the realisation that most fish are carrion eaters and make no differentiation between a dead fish and a drowned man.”

The Rūnanga also expressed how grateful it was to the many who had helped search for the missing diver and paid respect to his family.