Topic: ANZAC

New war memorial site for Whangarei District

By Dean Nathan
  • Northland

Fondly known as the field of memories, in recent weeks it’s been re-dedicated as the new war memorial site for the Whangarei District.

Tributes are being paid every night during a service at the newly dedicated war memorial for the Whangarei district.

Despite the support from veterans for the new memorial, they are also vigilant not to allow the older war memorials in the district to lie vacant.

Veteran, Dick Shepherd says, “To come here and see the faces of our babies and our leaders, you see the love in their eyes and it’s the most moving experience.”

The idea of a service every night was taken from the people of Belgium who have done so every night since 1928 in respect of the soldiers from this country who gave their lives in battle to save their nation.

Frank Lundberg from Whangarei District Brass says, “Being able to give something, a little bit back to a country that remember us every night, it’s just mind-blowing to us, a little country like New Zealand, we do it once a year.”

Dick Shepherd says, “In recent years, this whole area is packed with crowds on ANZAC and hence the idea of making it our war memorial.”

The services will continue every night until Anzac day.