A new strategy to get Kiwis swimming in natural waters

By Regan Paranihi
  • Wellington

A new campaign called Swim Fresh was launched yesterday to challenge Kiwis to swim in rivers and lakes this summer.

This campaign is a social media experiment driven by a collective of students from Massey University and BlacklandPR.

Swim Fresh boss Mark Blackham says, “Our waterways are the cleanest and most scenic in the world. But there are some problems. We need to show we care by visiting them this summer and swimming where we can.”

He says they plan on getting Kiwis amongst the action by getting their feet wet and showing their love for the waterways and sharing those moments with the rest of the country.

“Koura, our campaign mascot, uses the great LAWA site to make it easy for people to find the best water holes and summer hangouts.”

“Find your spot, take the plunge and share your favorite Swim Fresh moment on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook and hashtagging #SwimFresh, #KouraSwimFresh or #KouraCrayfish.”

Swim Fresh is a non-profit organisation who is funded by BlacklandPR, assisted by Eighty One and operated by Communication, Journalism, and Marketing students from Massey University in Wellington.

Visit http://www.swimfresh.org.nz for more information.