New play explores the future of New Zealand with no more water

By Ani-Oriwia Adds
  • Wellington

With water quality being one of New Zealand's current major issues and this being world water week, Tawata Productions has come up with a creative way to communicate these issues through theatre.

What would a future without water look like?

It's an issue currently at the forefront of national and worldwide discussion and an issue that this cast and crew are addressing creatively.

Writer and director Miria George says, "Through the arts, we have the opportunity to question, to ask for accountability but also to inspire people to action. That's been something I've been interested in across all of my work."

Actress Sarita Keo Kossamak So says, "It's the sort of thing where you're not really affected until it affects you right but when we get to show it through story, they can really imagine that for themselves and feel the dire consequences of what happens of our daily actions now."

The Night Mechanics, written and directed by award winning playwright Miria George, is a futuristic look into what communities in NZ might look like if water resources had been exhausted.

George says, "We're proposing a future of no specific time-frame, but a future that's in fact already upon us now. We talk about families. The Night Mechanics is talking about families who are living in cars, that they have few options, that water has been commodified and although it's set in the future, it's already happening."

The show will open tonight and continue until September 9.