New initiative in Tāmaki tackles financial issues

By Harata Brown
  • Auckland

A new innovative approach to increasing financial independence in Tāmaki communities has been launched today at Ruapotaka Marae in Glen Innes.

The initiative called “G-FIT” (Growing Financial Independence in Tāmaki) is designed to drive and raise awareness of financial issues. The initiative offers a wide range of financial advice and information to help Tāmaki residents.

G-Fit is an amalgamation of services within the Tāmaki Region (Point England, Glen Innes & Panmure), who work collectively to provide financial support.

Puamiria Maaka, the initiator of G-Fit believes whānau within the area will now be better informed and can use the tool as a preventative measure.

Puamiria Maaka is also looking to educate people about the long-term effects of high-interest loans and from fringe lenders and home shopping trucks that target low-income areas.

The Tāmaki Redevelopment Company is funding the financial advisory training of 6 trainees through the University of Massey.