New home for Māori Performing Arts to open in Auckland

By Taroi Black
  • Auckland

A brand new Auckland space for Māori Performing Arts will officially open this Saturday, which currently has no name.

The building has been renovated and cleaned over the last few weeks in preparation for the big opening day this weekend.

With just two days to go, the space will be the new theatre in Auckland.

Tainui Tukiwaho says, “This room is almost done. We've only got a few days to go but I think we'll be finished on time.”

A group of 30 people have been working on this space in the last six weeks, to prepare for the opening this weekend in New Lynn.

Tukiwaho says, “On this stage, George Henare will be singing, Rachel House, Jennifer Ward-Lealand, some of our well-known theatre actors performing this weekend for the audience.”

Noa Campbell says, “For us as actors the theatre is our home. It's a place that takes care of us, it gives us as indigenous performers a place to stand and share our stories, and to create them.”

But there's still plenty of work to be done. The group are calling for donations and have a page set up, in the hopes to raise $10,000.

The theatre will be named on the official opening night.