Topic: Tūhoe

New haka to replace "Te Pūru" at Te Hui Ahurei a Tūhoe 2016

By Taroi Black
  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty
Te Hui Ahurei a Tūhoe will change history in 2016 with a new haka taking centre stage replacing the famous haka "Te Pūru". 
Tūhoe have been in discussions all year and now we find out who composed the new haka. 
Te Pūru will no longer be performed in Te Hui Ahurei a Tūhoe. 
Harata Williams says, "I'm not saddened at all because Te Puru will always be in our hearts forever. If they're saying that they're getting rid of Te Puru, it will never diminish."
It's a haka that has been performed well over a century. 
Te Pūru was the platform of a unique Tūhoe style on the kapa haka stage.  But Tūhoe believe that it's time for a new vision that will coincide with todays Tūhoe generation. 
Haturini McGarvey says, "The main principles of this new haka is to continue to retain the unique style of Tuhoe and it's native language. The haka will also reflect on stories handed down by our elders and stories that have risen in recent years."
Te Pūru can also be used on many occasions, whether it's a commemoration, birthday or weddings. 
McGarvey says, "The idea of composing the haka reflects on those who have passed on, the generation in the present and those in the future."
Williams says, "That's what our young people think and let's leave them to do what they think is right for the festival. I won't disagree. It's a beautiful idea."
The new haka will continue to follow the same style as Te Pūru and it will be presented to all Tuhoe Ahurei clubs next month.