Native Affairs Summer Series 2014 - Head Girl

By Mihingarangi Forbes, Native Affairs
  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty

Native Affairs Summer series looks back on the big stories of 2014.  Tonight we meet a remarkable young girl battling a life-threatening disease, and keen fishers around the country are jumping for joy over the season's bumper catch of whitebait. 

First up, life delivers many lessons and unfortunately some can only be learnt the hard way. 

17-year-old Moerangi Vercoe knows that better than most, she was stripped of her head girl status after skipping class and allegedly driving dangerously on the last day of school along with 23 other seniors at Rotorua Girls High School. 

As a consequence she also lost her right to deliver the head girl final speech, one she'd been planning for weeks.  This story isn't a story of right or wrong, it's a story of a lesson learnt and looking ahead.