Native Affairs - Iulia Leilua recalls 2013

By Iulia Leilua, Mihingarangi Forbes
  • Auckland

In this week’s Native Affairs Summer Series episode, reporter Iulia Leilua sits down with Mihingarangi Forbes to provide updates on the wide range of stories she has covered for the show in 2013.

The first update looks back at the shocking allegations levelled at the Mangere Lawn Cemetery by a former grounds man who claimed metal body parts were dumped into the grave of another person.

Iulia outlined some proposals by the Law Commission in the review of the Burial and Cremations Act and provided the latest details regarding this report.

Native Affairs – Grave Concerns

Meanwhile the people of Ihumātao are still dealing with the impact of a purple dye spill into their awa, Ōruarangi.

Iulia provides updates on the clean up and says while the purple dye is no longer visible on the surface, what lies beneath is up to 20 centimetres of purple mud which is still impacting heavily on kaimoana and while the Iwi is working hard to revitalise the area the harmful fallout of the dye spill is expected to continue for some time.

Native Affairs – The River

Iulia also provided the latest details regarding the case of Joel Morehu Barlow who syphoned 16 million Australian dollars from Queensland Health a Government Department in Australia over a period of four years. Many of his friends at the time also believed he was a Tahitian Prince.

Iulia travelled to Australia to investigate the case and speak with his friends and whānau regarding the shocking case.

Native Affairs – A Princely Tale