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Native Affairs – Kōwhiri 2014, Te Tai Tonga Part 2

By Native Affairs
  • South Island
Kōwhiri 14 - Te Tai Tonga

Native Affairs - Kōwhiri 14 continues its debate with four of the leading Te Tai Tonga candidates live in studio.  Jodi Ihaka continues her tiki-tour through Te Tai Tonga and asked grassroots voters what the big issues were for them.

Also in the first of the exclusive Kōwhiri 14 poll results, the people of Te Tai Tonga were asked to rank what issues are most important to them.

With the high youth population in the area, she also asked how the candidates plan to get the younger generation engaged and give them hope for a better future.

At No.5 - Māori Unemployment at 87%

No.4 - Housing at 88%

No.3 - The Cost of Living at 93%

No.2 - Child Poverty at 94%

The No.1 issues voters in Te Tai Tonga are most concerned about is Education and Family Violence - first equal on 96% each.

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