Napier water shortage easing

By Aroha Treacher
  • North Island: East Coast

Napier's water shortage looks to be easing today, with reservoirs refilling to around eighty percent after a community effort to conserve water.

The Napier City Council has put the critically low levels down hot temperatures and little rainfall with the situation improving drastically today.

"The reservoir levels were still climbing at mid morning and have now leveled out at around 75-80 percent full at the last point I checked," says Jon Kingsford, Director of Infrastructure at the Napier City Council.

Water reservoirs in Napier over the summer period typically get down to the around 50 percent however this year they have gotten as low as 19 percent.

"Sunday morning the levels were relatively normal so the great draw-down in reservoir levels occurred from Sunday morning through to Monday morning and where we would normally see a recharge happening overnight, the unique situation that we did face was, that did not occur," says Kingsford.

"Napier's peak water demand is almost twice that of the national average during the summer and that certainly suggests that we have some more opportunities to be more efficient in the way that we use water."

"[For] a whole November we had 21 percent of the normal rainfall so the town was parched anyway, and then in the weekend to have temperatures four or five degrees above the norm," explains Napier Mayor Bill Dalton "so we were hit with this double whammy."

However, Napier answered the call to conserve water meaning restrictions could be reduced in a day or two.