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Napier hosts free dental care

By Aroha Treacher
  • North Island: East Coast

It's not often that you get anything for free in this world, but six dentists volunteered today, to perform free dental work to those who need it.

Today Dentist on Raffles in Napier opened its doors to perform any dental procedure for free.

For mother of two Kaya Predki, having her tooth finally pulled out means an end to debilitating pain.

"I'm so relieved and I just feel really thankful, just so thankful especially to him it was an amazing job," says Predki.

Dentist Ian Rosenberg says "Today we've done about five extractions, and two restorations and one dental clean and so mainly it’s just for the relief of pain."

It's a New Zealand Dental Association and Southern Cross partnership that has seen six dentists volunteer for a full day of work.

Dentist Wynton Perrett says "The group of dentists just wanted to put it out there for the day and offer the service for free."

The initiative had been done in the bigger cities, but it’s the first time it had taken place in smaller towns like Napier.

Loren Miringaorangi who had taken advantage of the dental programme today says "I would need another four more at least, money is tight so you just can't spend it on your teeth."

In the future, smaller regions like Gore and Oamaru will get their turn, where more quality of life can be returned and more smiles restored.