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Musicians excited to perform at Te Puea marae charity concert

By Ripeka Timutimu
  • Auckland

NZ's musical community has come together to raise funds for Te Puea Marae in the first ever online telethon. Bands like Sons of Zion, and singers Che Fu and Rob Ruha will be part of the line-up in Auckland.

As the musicians prepare themselves for tonight’s event, Te Kāea went to Te Puea marae to reflect on all the work that has been done behind the scenes.

Te Puea marae volunteer Jonboi Kukutai is part of the driving the force behind the voluntary work carried out at Te Puea.

“At the end of the day, a volunteer is a valuable person to us, even if they are black red or white. At the moment the Aunties and I are just sorting out the bags. So this room was full of bags after bags after bags and now Countdown and helped the marae out,” says Kukutai.

The amount of people helping the marae has been staggering. It includes finding homes for 12 families and temporary homes for 13 other families. However, the good work can't go on forever.

Te Puea Marae spokesperson Hurimoana Denis says, “Next week, we'll be looking at beginning our exit strategy, transition strategy. It's a lot of work, different work at that. However, we will still be trying to place people into homes.”

The marae will close their doors at the end of August.

Te Kāea​ returns to the charity concert where reporter Ripeka Timutimu has a chat with a supporter of tonight's event, musician Rob Ruha.