More volunteer fire fighters needed

By Mere McLean
  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty

Jack Tupe has dedicated 33 years to the Murupara Volunteer Fire Brigade but next month he retires.  He says it is critical that they get more people in as volunteers due to an increased workload.

“It not only about putting out fires, but it’s about taking ownership of our township”, says Tupe.

Between him and fellow volunteer fire fighter, Laurence Jenner, they have more than 60 years experience within the NZ Fire service.  But for the last six months they have not only responded to fire call outs but to medical emergencies as well.  

“We have a brigade that can take up to twenty four fire fighters, we only have about eight or nine at this time and it appears that every time there is a call out it seems to be the same people going out”, according to Jenner.  

The brigade covers the Bay of Plenty/ Waikato region but the nearest fire station to them is 30 kilometers away.   

"Kaingaroa have joined with us", says Tupe. But they also have low numbers.

To volunteer you can either contact your local station or follow the fire service website.