More resources due to arrive in Christchurch to battle fires

  • South Island

More resources are arriving from overseas to assist efforts to battle the fires in Christchurch.

Fifteen crew from the United States Coast Guard are assisting and a Hercules is due to arrive today from Australia with fire retardant.

A further 31 police officers are also due to arrive in Christchurch today,

Christchurch Civil Defence controller Dave Adamson said the nearly 400 firefighters working to control the blaze overnight had made good progress, helped in part by more favourable weather conditions.

“We have had significant fire breaks created with heavy machinery and the firefighting effort has targeted the perimeter. While there are still areas burning out of control, the fire is contained within the 2075 hectare area.

“What’s encouraging is that the weather forecast looks promising for the next two days with high cloud, cooler temperatures and a chance of rain on Saturday. However, the situation remains volatile, as we’ve seen with some reported flare-ups, including one on Kennedy’s Bush Road, so the cordons remain in place to ensure personal safety and security of property.”

The fire now reportedly covers an area of 2075 hectares and 2850 people have been evacuated.

11 houses and 2 sheds have been destroyed by the fire and 11 people are staying at the welfare centre at Te Hapua Halswell Centre.