More quakes expected following tremors in Central North Island

By Wikitōria Day
  • South Island
Quakes register in the Seddon area - Photo /

More quakes are expected after two struck the Central North Island earlier on today. 

According to GeoNet, the official source of geological hazard information for New Zealand, the first magnitude 4.4 shake, which was centered 20km east of Seddon, was felt at around 10:36am today and was 23km deep.

Just six minutes later, a stronger 5.1 magnitude quake struck again in the same area at a depth of 24km.

Since then, another three have been felt near Seddon with the latest quake being felt only just after 1pm today.

People have reported feeling the quake from New Plymouth down to Christchurch, however, the majority of reports have come from areas surrounding Wellington and Marlborough.

It's an all too familiar series of events for the people residing in the Seddon area.  In July 2013, there were two major tremors.  The first was a magnitude 5.7 tremor which struck on July 19th, followed two days later by a 6.5.

These quakes caused damage to houses and other buildings in the area, and with hundreds of aftershocks felt, residents were on edge.