More demand for social workers in schools

By Aroha Treacher
  • North Island: East Coast

There is increasing demand for social workers in schools in Hawke's Bay, as the region helps students to cope with family violence issues.

However, Pam McCann of Family Works believes the issue is not only a Hastings issues but a nationwide issue.

"The reality is that we have a whole population of children who need social support. We have schools where teachers are busy dealing with social work problems, we need to be in partnership with them, we are in 30 schools but we could be in lots more schools," says Service Manager for Family Works Pam McCann.

Social worker at Camberley School says that on a daily basis she is seeing children that are distressed, "I will see children that might come to school angry or upset, they might be anxious or stressed or down. They might want someone to talk about what is going with them so my role is to sit with the children and talk with them."

McCann says upholding the mana of families while supporting them to make changes that will give their kids a better life is the ultimate goal.

The services are only part funded by the Ministry of Social Development and the shortfall is made up by fundraising efforts from Presbyterian Support.