MKR contestants give tips for Christmas on a budget

By Aroha Treacher
  • North Island: East Coast

Former My Kitchen Rules contestants Henry and Monique Heke have hosted a special Christmas event in Flaxmere on how to do Christmas this year on a budget.

"Over the last 12 weeks whānau have been participating in various activities around the community and we just happen to be the ones that celebrate Christmas with a budget so we've invited everyone here today to participate in one of those activities," says Henry.

Henry and his wife Monique live in Flaxmere so have first-hand knowledge about how to best help by giving their community tips on finding food deals and using cheap ingredients.

"Grow your own kai for a start and share with each other, invite more whānau over and do a potluck so it's not all the expense on one whānau member- you share the love," says Monique.

The couple put on a live cooking demonstration at the Flaxmere Community centre which encouraged everyone present to give new cooking ideas a go.

"Things that were prepared today were quite simple and just a lot of us needed to learn how to pull a few of those old techniques out," says local Sarah-Jane Wall.

"We hear an affordable Christmas and it definitely is.  Everything here is what we have and it's all been bought from the local supermarket and the fruit shop," says Yvonne Broughton.

The event aims to lift the financial burden on local families this Christmas season.