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MediaWorks apologises to John Tamihere

By Tepara Koti
  • Auckland
John Tamihere receives apology from MediaWorks - Photo / file

MediaWorks has apologised publicly to former Labour MP John Tamihere over the ex-talkback host’s departure from RadioLive.  They have also settled the defamation case which came as a result of his departure.

Tamihere took legal proceedings against MediaWorks following his departure in December 2013 which was linked to the Roastbusters issue that involved West Auckland youth.

Following a thorough Police investigation, no charges were laid.

"MediaWorks wishes to apologise to Mr John Tamihere for the impact to him caused by statements made in relation to his departure from MediaWorks in December 2013," MediaWorks said in its apology released today.

“Following a thorough investigation, MediaWorks’ Broadcasting Standards Committee completely exonerated Mr Tamihere from any breach of any broadcasting standards.  

MediaWorks accepts and acknowledges that John acted completely professionally, entirely within the bounds of his role as a ‘talk back host’ and with good taste and decency.

MediaWorks acknowledges that the announcement of Mr Tamihere's departure from RadioLIVE, and subsequent media coverage led to an incorrect perception that Mr Tamihere's employment had been terminated as a result of an interview broadcast on 5 November 2013 in connection with the ‘Roastbusters’ topic.  In fact, Mr Tamihere’s fixed term contract came to an end on 31 December 2013 and simply was not renewed.

MediaWorks unreservedly apologises for any harm caused to Mr Tamihere’s reputation and mana as a result of its actions.”

Tamihere said he is happy that the matter has been resolved, “This has been a tough 18 months on my children and family.  But the settlement means we can move on, so I accept MediaWorks' apology.”