Topics: Kapa Haka, Te Matatini

Mataatua Haka rep dismisses report condemning ’50 Haka Moments’

By Heeni Brown
  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty

Despite recent stories that Mataatua Kapahaka Committee did not want their vision presented in Māori Television's new show, 50 Haka Moments. 

The chairman of the Mataatua committee, Te Kahautu Maxwell says “he doesn't have a problem” with his groups vision being included in the show.

He goes on to address reports that state otherwise, but confirmed today to Te Kāea that “Mataatua are fine with Māori Television showing their kapa haka in 50 Haka moments”

While there were allegations that some Te Matatini delegates were concerned about the show, at the end of it, nothing eventuated.

Now Te Kahautu is working in anticipation towards building a solid relationship with Māori Television.

“We're heading to where we need to be, and we're looking to be united” he says.

Now, Te Kahautu along with all Mataatua haka groups are working towards their regional competitions next week.

Te Kahautu goes on to suggest that “it is only by having a fractured skull, and by not having a stubbed toe that we will rise to the occasion.”