Massive brawl at pools in Papakura

By Wepiha Te Kanawa
  • Auckland

Papakura Police were forced to use pepper spray on a group of young teens yesterday when a brawl broke out outside of a local Papakura swimming pool. Swimming pool owner Craig Carter had to close the pool and says that behaviour is unwelcome.

It was this fight at Massey Park Pool in Papakura captured on video that had locals concerned for their safety.

Massey Park Pool Manager Craig Carter told Te Kāea, “It's nothing like I've seen before, it was obviously outside the facility so really hard for us to control and manage. But you know no one in the community likes to see that kind of stuff happening it's just disappointing.”

Witnesses say the fight was alcohol-fueled and kids as young as 10 years old were in the thick of it. Police officers then used pepper spray on the group of kids.

Inspector Dave Glossop says, “We have to take immediate action to prevent injury, that coward that's kicking the guy on the ground something had to happen to stop him straight away. Only two officers attended initially and had to take immediate action.”

The pool was closed follow the incident and was re-opened this morning.

Carter says, “It was really hard on our staff so we will support them as much as we can and we will have additional staff on as well.”

Inspector Dave Glossop from the Papakura Police Station has a message to the public.

Inspector Glossop says, “Look after your mates, know when they've had enough, encourage each other to have a good time, we're not the fun Police but we want to keep the community safe.”

No charges have been made yet, but Craig will continue to welcome customer back and reassure the public of their safety.