Marama Fox launches Ikaroa Rawhiti campaign

updated By Aroha Treacher
  • North Island: East Coast

The battle for Ikaroa-Rawhiti has begun with the co-leader of the Māori Party Marama Fox launching her campaign at Omahu Marae in Hawke's Bay as she looks to find her way back to parliament at this year's general election.

"It's not about voting for me it's about voting for Māori, Māori is the whole point, every day we fight as the Māori Party for the betterment of our people."

"We don't want to join with the red party or the blue party. They have their own policies but it's up to us as Māori to move forward," says Fox.

She says they are about investing into Māori in all areas to improve living conditions in areas like housing and employment.

"There is no point sitting on the other side of the table to get what? Nothing."

"What we want is, regardless of who gets the big chair or gets in power, we're not saying we want fifty per cent of that vote or fifty percent of that vote, it's the 10 per cent in the middle."

"If we can get that 10 per cent then neither will be able to move unless we support it," explains Fox.

To firmly secure her political future she'll need to take the Ikaroa Rawhiti electorate from incumbent Labour MP Meka Whaitiri, a seat Labour has held since 1999.

Last general election the Māori Party only won one Māori seat, but this year they've got their sights on getting six of the seven Māori seats.