Topic: Christmas

Maraenui Food donations assist community

By Aroha Treacher
  • North Island: West Coast

Through the power of social media, Maraenui Food Donations, has been able to receive food and furniture donations that get passed on to struggling families in their community. It's a small four-person team that works from home offering practical assistance to their community, and they do it all for nothing.

Although Christmas Day may be behind us, the need to feed hungry mouths continues.

Mo Tamati started the initiative, but passed away earlier this year, so younger sister Adrienne is carrying on the good work and through social media is able to source donations.

They have recently taken on two new sponsors to help bear the load, Goodman Fielders who donate bread and the local Marewa Butchery who generously donate 5kg of sausages every week. At the moment, they give out food to around nine families a week. They also make sandwiches for schools in the area and are working towards becoming a recognised entity, so they can access more donations to meet the need.