Māori Trust invests in honey industry

By Mere McLean
  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty

In a bid to contribute to the local economy, a Māori agricultural trust has invested into the honey industry but is concentrating on producing a unique blend of native tree product called Māhoe honey.

The honey industry is worth $5.1 billion to New Zealand's economy. The Tuawhenua Trust started with 50 hives in 2010 and now they have 380.

They have five locations around Ruatāhuna, Brenda Tahi, a key trustee on the Trust says that the unique aspect they are exploring is their blend of seedlings from the Māhoe tree.

Bees are a source life, they are the makers of honey, pollinate trees and flowers and now they are bringing hope to the community of Ruatāhuna.