Māori Television staff briefed on proposed restructure

By Te Kāea
  • Auckland

Māori Television staff were briefed today with a proposed restructure of the organisation.

The most significant changes could be at the top with three current general managers roles being disestablished.

Under the proposed structure, Julian Wilcox, Carol Hirschfeld and Haunui Royal will no longer be General Managers and will become Heads of Departments and a new Head of Programming and Production role will be established.

Māori Television staff have been given a period of consultation of one week, set to end next Tuesday September 23, and a final decision on the proposal is expected to be announced on the September 29.

"Of the 180 staff that we currently have, there are three positions that will potentially be made redundant but we'll make every effort to redeploy those people but you know in terms of the major impact of this proposal, it's not around redundancy as people speculate it, it's really around our strategic direction," says Māori Television CEO, Paora Maxwell.