Māori Television Connect app launched

  • Auckland

Māori Television has just recently launched a new app free for Apple and Android users. 

Māori Television Connect is available in both Te Reo Māori and English and includes a wide range of features to make it easier for people to connect with what they like about Māori Television, all within the one app.

You can now easily access the latest news from the Māori Television newsroom, find out when TV shows are scheduled on the Māori Television and Te Reo channels, as well as share your news- the sights and stories important to you.

Māori Television’s Head of Multi Platform Stephen Smith says, “Our decision to launch the Māori Television Connect smart phone App was motivated by our desire to continue to build the connection with our audiences, where they live and how they live.

The Smart Phone App now provides a mobile internet friendly opportunity to access to our range of Māori Television News and On Demand programmes, in the users choice of Te Reo or the English language.”

Apple users can find more information here

Android users can also find more information here