Māori Television Board discuss relocation plans

By Heeni Brown
  • Auckland

The Māori Television Board held its regular meeting today in Auckland, one of the topics on the agenda was the relocation or future operating locations for the station.

Last month submissions were open and today the board met with a number of submitters.  After submissions closed earlier this year Māori Television sent invitations to communities that could potentially house Māori TV.

For most of this afternoon, representatives from those respective communities had arrived and Te Kaea understands that two submissions have come forward.

A proposal was released by the Auckland City Council and those of the manawhenua such as Te Warena Taua of Te Kawerau a Maki, Te Whānau o Waipareira's CEO John Tamihere.  

Alongside those of the Auckland Council is June Mariu who is supporting the submission and proposal that Māori TV be relocated to a council building in Henderson.

Apart from that, there were representatives from the Rotorua District Council.  Te Arawa was also present to discuss their proposal, they have for a while expressed their wish that Māori TV relocate the station to Rotorua.

A statement was issued by a Māori TV spokesperson today saying that

"The board will be considering a number of items on the agenda, including a review of future operating locations.”

“All Rotorua, Auckland and Hamilton locations remain under active consideration.  What we do know for sure now is that the current lease for Māori Television in Newmarket comes up for review in 2017.”