Māori Television apologises to Raimona Peni

By Mere McLean
  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty

Te Arawa came in full force today to show their respect to a fellow haka performer who was offended by a segment aired in the ‘50 Haka Moments’ show that aired on Māori Television. Te Arawa believes the show breached the broadcasting standards.

Tutor and head of Ngā Pōtiki a Hinehopu, Richard Mitai-Ngatai says “I know the hardest thing is that what happened was captured on television, and the whole group is saddened by that.”

Ricky Bishop of Ngati Pikiao and Te Arawa added that, “Māori Television should come here and apologise, because Ngāti Pikiao has great concerns.”

The family requested all media cameras to stay outside.  However, Paora Maxwell the new CEO of Māori Television attended and General Manager for News and Current Affairs, Julian Wilcox apologised on behalf of Māori Television.

“The main thing is that we have apologised to Raimona, his family, Te Arawa will have to follow up if we are true to our word, but the main thing for me is that Māori Television has come face to face here” says Mr. Wilcox.   

Over 100 people attended today's event with the overflow of people standing outside.  The family of Raimona Peni believe steps need to be taken so that this does not happen again.

“Before the show tomorrow, there should be an apology broadcast then this might be settled. The family were happy that Māori Television fronted up and apologised today” said Wetini Mitai-Ngātai today, at the formal apology.