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Māori supermodel opens up about her heartache

By Aroha Awarau
  • Australia

Australian- Māori supermodel Megan Gale, who once made a viral video teaching her son how to hongi, has recently spoken out about her miscarriage and the difficulties of expanding her whānau.

The 41-yeat-old recently opened up to InStyle Australia magazine about the heartbreak of losing her second child in May to a miscarriage when she was eight weeks pregnant.

“About 10 days out from my eight-week scan, I just felt in my bones something wasn't right,” she said. 

Gale was born in Australia to an English father and a part-Māori mother. She became a successful international model, gracing the covers of Vogue Italia and Marie Claire. She is in a relationship with AFL sports star Shaun Hampson (28) and the couple have a two-year-old son named River.

Two years ago, Gale showed the joys of motherhood when she posted a video of herself asking her young son for a hongi and then taught him how to do the traditional Māori greeting.

She told the magazine that experiencing a miscarriage was challenging and she opened up about the heartache to break the stigma attached to an ordeal that many women around the world have to endure.

“There have been plenty of times in my life I’ve had to suck things up — but this was the most challenging time I’ve had to do that,” she said.