Topic: Australia

Māori students join online protest against the closure of Aboriginal communities

By Taroi Black
  • Auckland
  • Australia

The fight to stop the closure of indigenous communities in Western Australia continues to grow.

Te Kāea caught up with a group of Māori students from Auckland University who have expressed concerns about the Western Australian Government's decision.

Co-president of Ngā Tauira Māori, Jerry Daniels says, “We want the Australian Government to change what they're doing and support those communities or else their culture will die.”

Member of Ngā Tauira Māori, Zoe Jones says, “If they want to move into the big city then so be it, but if they don't, their choices to live in the land they're growing up in should be aided.”

Across the ditch, some Māori families have gathered together to oppose the WA Government.

In the last two weeks, indigenous communities have protested across Australia, saying cutting funding for Western Aboriginal communities is genocide. 

The Commonwealth will withdraw funding for essential services in June to Aboriginal communities in Western Australia.