Māori Statutory Board in Court

By Harata Brown
  • Auckland

Today the judicial review hearing sparked by Willie Jackson, CEO of the Manukau Urban Maori Authority, MUMA after his failed attempt to be appointed one of 2 Urban Māori positions on the Auckland Independent Māori Statutory Board began.-

Tony Kake was  appointed as an urban Māori representative for the Independent Māori Statutory Board of Auckland by the Selection Body in August.

This morning, Willie Jackson's lawyer, Te Kani Williams provided Jackson's submission which argues that Kake did not provide any supporting documents in his application for a Mātāwaka Position, although Willie Jackson had provided 9 supporting documents from numerous Māori Urban Groups within Auckland.

Willie Jackson says, “This is a great opportunity for urban Māori as it is not right for the iwi alone (of Auckland) to decide who our representatives are.”

The Lawyer for Tame Te Rangi, chairman of the Independant Māori Statutory Board, says although Kake did not provide supporting documents, that did not invalidate his application  

David Taipari of the Independent Māori Statutory Board says they will not make comment on camera, however they will acknowledge the findings of the High Court once the Court proceeding is finished

There are four respondents to this case, the Minister of Māori affairs is also one.

The Minister of Māori Affairs plays a supporting role in the Selection Body and Board processes. He has six responsibilities, one of those is to step in if there is a dispute between the Selection Body and the Board.

The Court Hearing finishes tomorrow.