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Māori Party endorses strong relationships with Asian community

By Kawekōrero, Kayne Ngātokowhā Peters
  • Auckland

The Māori Party’s new Malay/Chinese candidate reveals his close relationship with Tame Iti.

Wetex Kang, a former pharmacist and nutritionist, says he first met Tame Iti at the gym.

Kang and Iti, both spoke to Kawe Kōrero Reporters.

Kang says, “15 years ago when we met I was Tame’s nutritionist.”

The candidate for Auckland’s Botany electorate now refers to Iti as his ‘tuakana’.

He points out that he’s always felt passionate about his relationship to Tangata Whenua.

Kang says, “I always believed that before the DNA study came out, we came from the same place. And now that it’s proven, I can say it even louder.”

He says, “People should vote for me because I’m loud like Marama Fox and I will go into Parliament and fight for Tangata Whenua and Asian.”

Kang says to achieve that, Māori and Asian communities need to work together.

Tame Iti says, “They are our guests and we are the indigenous people. People like them don't just come here lightly.”

He says, “Recently, we met up and started a beehive farming venture in my area of Te Mahurehure in Ruatoki.”

“When we sat down together, and we know this is an election year, I said to him, you have a big mouth, a loud voice, it would be better for you to contest a general seat in Auckland.”

Iti believes that if they can work together effectively, the Māori Party will be able to oust National’s Jami-Lee Ross in Botany.