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Māori man NZ’s first Harley stunt rider

By Talisa Kupenga
  • Auckland

Ngāpuhi man Kingi Walters is the only New Zealander to perform professional road bike stunts on a Harley Davidson. Today he organised a free all-day show with other motorbike enthusiasts to show off their riding skills.

It's a rare sight to see a rider performing road bike stunts on a Harley Davidson, but this one is going against the grain.

Motorcyclist, Kingi Walters says, "It's freestyle stunt riding so there's no routine really. You sort of go where the bike takes you and you just ride with it. To go out there and do synchronised stuff with other people it's really hard because they're such big machines

"Because Harley's aren't meant to be wheelied."

Two years ago Walters ditched his sports bike for a Harley and has never looked back.

Walters says, "I used to ride ZX6R sports bike and we did shows like CRC Speedshow and Big Boys Toys. One day I just looked out while the boys were riding and we all looked the same.

"I was watching YouTube and I saw these dudes over in the states going down the motorways doing big long wheelies and I just wanted to do it."

Starting on pit bikes he worked his way up to his nearly 250kg Harley. It's heavier and has more torque than a road bike which, along with dirt bikes, are usually used for stunts.

"You've just got to be real aggressive and put the bike where you want it, but in saying that though to get to where I am today I've fallen off so many times and without falling off you just don’t know how far you can really push yourself," says Walters.

To date, his only injury has been a fractured elbow. But that wasn't enough to deter him from doing what he loves.

Walters says, "I do love doing the wheelies as well but it's mainly drifting. There's a lot more to it than just doing a wheelie; you've got to lean the bike you've got to throw the bike where you want it, the gas and clutch, there's so much going on that [people] don't see. You just see me drifting but to be behind the handle bars to get the bike to do what you want and keep it sliding it take real commitment and that's why I love it."