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Māori curator says goodbye to Toi o Tāmaki art gallery

By Numia Ponika-Rangi
  • Auckland

It’s been over 15 years of aspirations, hopes, creative processes, disappointments, and intellectual rigour to make the changes necessary in a complex field, in order to define contemporary Māori people.

However, in her role as Māori curator for the Auckland Art Gallery, Toi o Tāmaki, Ngahiraka Mason has no regrets.

Ngahiraka leaves to complemplate what the future holds for Māori art in the 21st century, but more importantly to prioritise her personal life.

One of the many highlights of her tenure would have to be the Lindauer Exhibition which is currently touring Europe, but she says she will be back to close the final chapter of this amazing kaupapa next year when the Lindauer exhibition and book is produced.

Ngahiraka says goodbye to the Auckland Art Gallery at the end of this week.