Manurewa locals want say on prison funding

By Numia Ponika-Rangi
  • Auckland

A South Auckland community says they've been silenced from making decisions about a prison in its own backyard of Manurewa. The Social Impact Fund Committee, which receives $250,000 a year to use for projects that may balance the negative impacts of having two prisons in the community, has no core Manurewa representative on its board.

Tunuiarangi McLean is adamant that a representative who lives in Manurewa should be on the committee that distributes social-impact funding in line with the conditions set out by the Board of Inquiry for building the new men's prison in Manurewa.

McLean says, “There were two seats set aside for Manurewa residents, I witnessed that. However, last week our chair of the Manurewa Local Board, was not voted onto that committee which is supposed to help with the social impact of the prisons on the Manurewa community.”

McLean is adamant that the social impact of the new prison on Manurewa will be greater because of its location in Manurewa.

He says, “The initial investigations reveal that families of those incarcerated in these prisons would migrate to Manurewa to live and they would also be in need of the resources and support services associated with whatever addictions they bring with them.”

So the challenge has been laid by McLean to the new committee, the solution is simple.

“I would recommend Angela Dalton the chair of the Manurewa Local Board, and myself. I have put forward my interest to be on one of the seats that were designated initially for a member or a resident of Manurewa.”

Angela Dalton says, “Rangi is a very wise man and Rangi is a strong voice for Manurewa and a strong voice for Māori and I support his recommendation.”

This morning Te Kāea spoke to one of the selectors of the Southern Ward Councillor Calum Penrose, he says that the make-up of the committee is still to be finalised and the voting of members is not complete.