Māngai Nui set to give Te Arawa a unique voice in mainstream media

By Wepiha Te Kanawa
  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty

Two Te Arawa journalists are collaborating with the Rotorua Daily Post to produce a Māori newspaper dedicated to sharing Te Arawa stories.

It's the first time for 170 years that Māori will be able to read the news in a newspaper in Te Reo.

Māngai Nui is the first Māori Newspaper to be published by the mainstream Media.

Māngai Nui will give the people of Te Arawa an independent voice in the mainstream media which is currently non-existent.

The first ever Māori language newspaper 'Te Karere o Niu Tireni' was published in 1842, now Māngai Nui will continue that legacy, but with a Te Arawa focus.

Kereama Wright and Marisa Balle are both recognised journalists in Māori media, as well as within the community.

Māngai Nui will be released monthly and will be available in stores from Monday.