Man who left baby at WINZ office speaks out

By Renee Kahukura-Iosefa
  • Auckland

Two weeks ago a 22-month-old boy was left at a WINZ office in Auckland.  Police released photos of the child to try and find the family of the abandoned toddler.

Te Kāea reporter, Renee Kahukura Iosefa spoke to Monday Marster Poaiti, the man who took the boy to WINZ and left him there.

“That was a last resort, I need help, I dropped him off with his bag packed it really hurt me to have to do that”, says Mr Poaiti.

He says he's the step father of the child and has been separated from the mother for almost a year and after an argument with her, he then took the boy to WINZ.

“I absolutely love those kids even though I'm not their real dad, I was just sick and tired of their mother leaving the kids with me and going off and never coming back," says Mr Poaiti.

Child, Youth and Family are assessing the situation to make sure the little boy's needs are met.  The boy remains in care while this assessment is in progress.

Poaiti still hasn't been allowed to see the boy who celebrates his 2nd birthday next week.