Man charged with supplying 9-year-old with alcohol

By Lynette Amoroa, Te Kāea
  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty

One man charged with supplying a 9-year-old with alcohol at a Hamilton skate park has pleaded guilty, however, the judge was not only critical of the actions of the adults involved, but the fact the boy was unsupervised at the park. 

Kali Tiloi, a friend of the boy's father, was one of three people charged with supplying the minor with alcohol.

He is already in jail serving time on other charges, and pleaded guilty to supplying the boy with alcohol via video-link from prison.

Tiloi was fined $750 and the other two, Michael Harry King and Lucy Snowden, pleaded not guilty. 

The 9-year-old boy was celebrating his birthday and skated to the park alone. 

Later on, he and a friend met up with the trio who were drinking bourbon at the park.

One of the trio allegedly gave the boy a drink and he continued drinking with them before his behaviour was caught on tape. 

Days after the incident, the 9-year-old boy told police he later vomited at home after consuming the alcohol.