Man appears in court following Hutt Valley axe attack

By Ripeka Timutimu
  • Wellington

Retimana Te Korou Nicholls, 36, a contractor of Upper Hutt, has appeared in court charged with murdering a woman and injuring three other people in an axe attack in the Hutt Valley.

Blood drops still remain on the steps of Colleen Noble's deck, after a frenzied axe attack left her neighbour dead.

“The young guy from next door said him and his mother had been attacked by someone with an axe. He had blood on him, his arm was tied up, and the blood was dripping and he had a big gash on his back and he had the axe in his hand,” says Noble.

The body of a 55 year old woman was found in a Timberlea house last night. Noble's son called police and she was there when the deceased's son came upon the scene.

According to Noble, “He went into the house and I heard him screaming, yelling, oh he’s killed my mum. He found her in a pool of blood.”

Media were banned from filming in court today, but what we can tell you is that the 36 year old man appeared in court this morning charged with last night's murder.

“He is going to be charged with murder, grievous bodily harm, assault and also male assaults female. I can assure the community this is not a random community and we was known to 3 of the 4 victims, says Darrin Thomson.

A second crime scene, where a man was injured, is only a stones-throw away from where the woman was found dead, and locals are shocked at what’s happened.

Shane Tredrea says, “He’s a mate of mine and that and um his mum used to work in childcare, like with CYF’s….Yes I’m shocked and we could have been the ones to get tomahawked.”

The accused will be remanded in custody till next month, but for now Timberlea families will be trying hard to get their lives back on track.