Locals says if road is not fixed, SH1 will be blocked

By Dean Nathan
  • Northland

If dusty roads issue isn't addressed, State Highway One will be blocked. That's the consensus from locals at a meeting today with local government in Northland. 

The issue is a long-standing problem with central government controlling the purse strings.

Some trucks have slowed down these days but the dust remains with locals at this meeting, warning they will now block State Highway One if the issue isn't addressed.

Local government are considering a number of options to address the need, all dependent on funding from central government, specifically the NZ Transport Agency.

Mayor of Whangarei, Sheryl Mai says, “So what we're pushing for is 100% subsidised sealed for that road. So we've got 9km of Wright Road and McCardle Road and we want that fully funded from Government.”

Puti Tipene says, “100 yards of metal outside each home is not enough because of all the dust carried by the trucks.”

Dusty inland roads have been a major issue for years, having a marked effect on the health and way of life for local communities.

Lobbying of local government to find a solution has becoming stronger and more vocal.

Locals are also aware that with the amount of road-user charges being paid by the hundreds of trucks that use these roads, they should have gold paved roads by now but the dust remains.

The issue is now squarely in the hands of central government. Fix the roads or risk having State Highway One blocked.