Locals fed up with trucker’s dusty tracks

By Dean Nathan
  • Northland

The high level of logging trucks on the roads in a district of Whangarei was the issue of discussion at a meeting called by the Whangarei District Council.

It’s a road that traverses the Whangarei and the Far North District Council boundaries.  It was a shock last month when locals closed the Pipiwai road to logging trucks to stop the dust carrying to their homes.

According to Poncho Peihopa, “We told them we were getting sick but they didnt believe us but perhaps today they will believe us.  We've been asked to attend this meeting and so we're very happy at this development because it’s a sign that they've started listening.”

There are similar issues for a number of roads in Northland. Due to the higher level of illness among families in the area last year a PD10 monitor was brought in to test the level of dust in the air. 

Today Te Kāea wasn’t allowed to film the first meeting of the working party made up of representatives from council, health, police, logging companies and community charged with finding a solution.

Time will tell whether the needs of those who living along these roads are addressed.