Locals block logging trucks entrance to Pipiwai Road

By Dean Nathan
  • Northland

The residents of Pipiwai Road have, for a very long time, been affected by the raising of dust. Today, they prevented logging trucks from entering the road, in the hope that the regional council will realise the concerns of the iwi in relation to this issue. 

Dusty roads have been a long term issue brought before respective councils in this region.

Last year a machine was bought in to assess the thickness of the dust, as some residents who live next to the road were becoming ill.

Although police have urged truck drivers to continue driving, locals are saying that this section of the road is in fact Māori land.

Leaders of this issue are not going to back down until their desires for their iwi, their environment and their road is settled.

Locals have warned for some time now they would close the road over this issue and now they've done just that.