Topics: Kapa Haka, Kura Tuarua

Live streaming of National Kapa Haka festivals the way of the future

By Heeni Brown
  • North Island: East Coast

There were thrilling performances from the teams in Pool B today.

Four of those teams are teams that have previously won at these competitions, so this pool is being touted as one of the hardest.

Away from the stage there have been great reviews for the live stream broadcast which had 35,000 hits yesterday, a promising sign for Te Matatini's plan to live stream all primary, secondary schools and Te Matatini competitions in the future.

It poses the question, who has the intellectual property rights over national haka festivals?

For the next five years, Aotearoa Kapahaka Limited will have exclusive rights to broadcast Te Matatini which includes the 12 haka regions, the national primary schools competition and the national secondary schools competition.

Here is the make up of the company,

70% of the shares will be held by Te Matatini which is constituted by its 12 regions, the national primary schools' kapahaka committee and the national secondary schools' kapahaka committee.

30% of the shares will be specialist partners who are committed to the ethos of Te Matatini 

This national secondary schools competition is an example of how haka will be broadcast in the future.

Aotearoa Kapahaka Limited will be looking at making their haka footage available to people living outside of New Zealand, via the internet like those living in Australia in a pay-per-view arrangement. 

Aotearoa Kapahaka Limited's goal is to gain a $2 million profit each year,

In what will perhaps be the dawn of the era of haka for profit, with haka being the recipient.      

Aotearoa Kapahaka Limited and Māori Television also have a proposal for Māori Television to broadcast Te Matatini, to be hosted in Christchurch, next year.