Live streaming of Māori hui is in hot demand

By Aroha Treacher
  • North Island: East Coast
  • Australia

Live streaming of Māori hui, tangihanga and large events is in hot demand. It's a trend that is seeing tikanga Māori move with the times.

Modern technology, in all its forms is no longer a foreign concept on the marae.

Cameraman Meihana Watson has filmed numerous Māori hui across the motu, he says if people can’t attend an important hui, he is more than happy to take it to them at the touch of a button. “We understand that many of our friends and family are in Australia and all around the world, and it's really expensive for them to return home.”

With a video phone in every pocket, a world-wide audience is only a button press away.

Young student Farren McGregor-Smyth says it’s good for other people around New Zealand to see the Māori culture.

Live stream is not an uncommon thing for high profile Māori funeral proceedings as we saw with Ngāti Porou leaders, Parekura Horomia, Dr Apirana Mahuika and Pat Ngata, the concept is now being accepted by some staunch tikanga experts like Timi Te Po Hohepa of Te Arawa, “I'm not saying I disagree with capturing our culture for other people to see."

But Mr Watson says not all elders are convinced, but he hopes they see the bigger dream which is to allow whānau afar and their grandchildren to feel included.

With the ever-changing face of technology, who knows what the future may bring.