Koi boys sign with Universal Music

  • Australia

Last night the popular trio known as the Koi Boys were voted off ‘The Voice Australia’, but unlike most reality music shows where only the winner records an album, the boys who placed outside the top 16 were quickly signed by Universal Music.

The Kiwi boys who were part of Team Jessie J gave it their all in last night’s ‘Super Battle’ but unfortunately weren’t given the green light by their mentor to continue any further.

In their first interview with New Zealand media, lead singer Nuz Ngatai told our Australian correspondent Mātai Smith, how fortunate they were to be signed.

“It’s quite exciting, the first album ever. There’s a big engine running behind us making sure that we produce the goods and I think we’ve got the right team behind it to help us do that.”

The album which features seven covers songs and three originals.

Tenor singer Kevin Keepa says, “It’s going to be coming out very soon. So we want you to actually buy it. That way we can come home for a kai, cause the kais better over home, we wanna come home have a hāngi, a wānanga with the family come back on the paepae perhaps you fullas can mihi us on, haven’t had a mihi on for a long time.”

The album is due to be released in early October.