Kiwi Harvest delivers free food to charities in need

By Heeni Brown
  • Auckland

Terry Masters says it's both sad and rewarding being a driver for Kiwi Harvest. Masters helps collect food before it goes to waste from places like Countdown and then delivers it to charities in need.

Terry Masters works for Kiwi Harvest and collects food that would normally be thrown away. He then delivers it onto organisations like Reconnect, who work with young people who are well-known to youth justice and care and protection programmes.

Masters' says, "I've seen the struggle and seen that when we deliver the food to them we also see their smiles on their faces and how grateful they are to receive this food. On the other flip scale it's kind of sad because we see it quite a bit and it can sort of do something to you."

They say the food they receive from Kiwi Harvest helps towards Auckland's most vulnerable families.

Reconnect's Te Hira Pere says, "We know that the many of our families in Auckland are struggling, but for me this initiative is directly helping those exact families."

Kiwi Harvest started in 2015 and every month they deliver 20,000 kg of food to Auckland charities.

Kiwi Harvest's Maria Madill says, "Over 120 charities are now supported by the food that we're able to rescue. This is all perfectly fresh food that was otherwise destined for landfill. We're rescuing that and delivering that to people in need."

They currently have three delivery trucks in Auckland and are looking to expand their non-profit service.