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King Tuheitia in stable condition after false reports of heart attack

By Heeni Brown
  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty

King Tuheitia is in a stable condition, according to the King's advisor Tukoroirangi Morgan in a statement today.  This comes after media reports stating the Māori King suffered a heart attack yesterday. 

“Whatever has been putting it out there is wrong, the King did not suffer a heart attack.  He has diabetes and that's the ailment that has always affected him for a very long time,” says Tukoroirangi Morgan.

Tukoroirangi went on to say that King Tuheitia is overwhelmed with the love, support and well wishes he has received from the public.

Last week, the Māori King delivered his annual speech at his eighth coronation.  In his speech, amongst other things, he mentioned his struggle with diabetes and how challenging it has been for him to deal with it.

Two days ago, he was faced was reminded of how serious his illness really is.

At present, King Tuheitia will remain in Waikato Hospital, where specialists will run a series of tests and examinations.  He will be required to stay in hospital for another week or possibly longer.

The Māori King's representation and duties are issues that will be discussed by his Council which is expected to take place tomorrow.