Kimble Moore's family relieved he can finally be laid to rest

By Heeni Brown
  • Northland

The Moore Family are relieved the body of patched Tribesmen member Kimble Moore has been recovered. Mother Erana Moore says she can now take her 48-year-old son to his final resting place in Taupō Bay.

The hearse carryiing Kimble Moore led a convoy of family and friends from Auckland to Karangahape Marae in Matangirau.

His mother, Erana Moore is relieved to have her son returned.

"You're so loved son and you will be missed," says Erana Moore.

Kimble Moore had been missing for six months. Last month, he went from being a missing person and his case was upgraded to a homicide investigation.

Erana Moore says, "I'm glad he's been given back to us, we can take him home now and we can close the doors."

Meanwhile police say they can't comment any further on the case as it is still under investigation.

Moore's body was found in a rural area near Kaitaia and returned to family by Police on Saturday.

His mother says, "We leave here we take him to Matangirau from where we come from and from there we take him to Taupo Bay."

Moore will be buried further north in Taupō Bay. The family haven't yet decided the funeral day for Moore.